Why You Must Visit Greece This Summer

Your Greek Adventure Awaits


From sunny skies and crystal waters to breathtaking historical sites, Greece features some truly stunning landscapes that will simply enchant you. This European country is rich in history, with traces of its great ancient civilisation still visible against its modern-day cityscapes, making it an ideal destination for those who seek to explore both new and old ways of life.

With its welcoming warm weather, beautiful ruins, famous beaches, and cuisine, Greece has certainly earned its place among the world’s top travel destinations. Whether you’re looking to have a thrilling adventure or a relaxing getaway, the Greek landscape can provide you with just the right backdrop for your holiday.

Our airline currently flies to 5 Greek destinations to choose from! Below we have included some key attractions for each.


Mykonos from €39       Chania from €39      Heraklion from €39


Thessaloniki from €34      Athens from €37



Athens: A City for All Seasons


Every Visit Tells a New Story

The Greek capital is known worldwide for its Acropolis. Construction and decoration of the Parthenon, the most famous Acropolean structure, were completed in 432 BC! Near this glorious historical site you will find amazing restaurants and bars where you can enjoy excellent food, drinks, and views of this awe-inspiring historical site! Not to mention, an excellent starting point for many of the islands which are easily accessible directly from Piraeus port.

Book Your Athens Adventure Now from €37*

Thessaloniki: Why It's Worth A Visit


A Sense of Old and New

Just like in Athens, old and new coexist naturally alongside one another in Greece’s second largest city. The city walls surrounding Thessaloniki were built during the Middle Ages; climbing the parts that still stand will allow you to enjoy some spectacular views. The city’s most famous landmark, the White Tower, sits on a waterfront next to some lively bars, cafes and restaurants.

Book Your Trip to Thessaloniki Now from €34*

Mykonos: It's Island Time


Get Into Island-Mode

One of the most popular Greek destinations for travellers (and celebrities!), the island of Mykonos combines crystal blue waters, golden beaches, and exciting, glamorous nightlife. Some of the beaches on its southern coast, like Paradise and Super Paradise Beach, have been dubbed the best party beaches in Greece!

Fly Direct to Mykonos Now from €39*

Chania: Fall in Love with Crete


That Island Life

Another principal Cretan city, Chania, is located in the northwestern region of the island. The city is known for its Venetian harbour and lighthouse, old port, and beautiful waterfront streets. As the main shopping centre for all of western Crete, Chania’s Old Town has numerous shops to offer, as well as a great covered market and fascinating specialist shopping streets to explore. Walking around you will encounter a cluster of classical buildings, churches and crafts shops, immersed in a captivating atmosphere that’s reminiscent of that of Florence and Venice. 

Fly Direct to Chania Now from €39*

Heraklion: Celebrate a Place Rich in History



Take a Trip Back in Time

Heraklion is the largest city of the island of Crete. Walking near the waterfront you will encounter beautiful museums and churches, shops, and tavernas against a beautiful background of light blue waters. And if you’re interested in history and legend, just 5 km from Heraklion lies the famous archaeological site of Knossos. The imposing red columns and striking murals here create a strong sense of wonder that shouldn’t be missed.


Fly Direct to Heraklion Now from €39*






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