7 Reasons to Go to Moscow: Any time of year, Moscow offers a really unique experience with plenty to do!

Red Square Basilica

Red Square is an iconic part of Moscow and visiting is a must during any season. In the colder months, you will get a unique experience with beautiful decorations and an ice skating rink where you can watch people show off their skills. ‘Red’ used to mean beautiful so it is no wonder that this square is such a well-known part of the city.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral is conveniently located on the square, giving you the opportunity to get out of the cold and see yet another one of Moscow’s iconic sites. Pop inside and wander the galleries to view it’s many murals, icons and frescoes.

Red Square Basilica
Krasny Oktyabr

Kransny Oktyabr

For adventurous and creative souls, you must experience this famous old Soviet chocolate factory that has been converted into the hottest activity hub in Moscow. A great place to stay warm while taking a stroll around the numerous galleries, bars, yoga studios, and nightclubs. The hip and trendy people here know how to have a good time.

Cathedral of Christ the Saviuor

A magnificent white Cathedral with golden domes has had its ups and downs. Originally, it served as a gift to thank Divine Providence for saving Russia from Napoleon and took almost 40 years to build. It was demolished during the Soviet Period to make space for a Palace that was never built and was then used as the world’s largest open-air swimming pool. They decided to rebuild it in 1990 using modern technology but maintaining the original design, which only took three years. Today, you can visit it in all its glory.

Cathedral of the Christ Saviour
Sanduny Banya

Saduny Banya

If you’re looking to go local, you cannot miss the traditional Russian banya experience. A hot steam that serves as a relaxing detox, known to cure colds, remove toxins from the body and strengthen the immune system.

Many locals go here to gossip, talk business or do some celebrity spotting. Part of the experience is the impressive setting including marble columns and statues as well as mosaics. To complete the local bit you must have a bath besom session and a shot of vodka!

Hermitage Garden

This magical garden hosts quite a few sights. You won’t want to miss out on the cozy atmosphere where you will find the best food, music and children’s festivals, three theatres and a great playground. In the winter month’s there is also a skating rink.

Hermitage Garden
Moscow's Russian Winter Festival

Moscow’s Russian Winter Festival

A city-wide festive celebration that takes place from Mid-December to Mid-January incorporating Russian Christmas & Russian New Year traditions.

This major cultural festival is one of the best ways to embrace Moscow if you travel during this period, it simply cannot be missed. Featuring performances of traditional Russian food, crafts, games, and song and dance there is something for everyone.

Every year is different with unique and interesting surprises such as fur fashion shows, concerts, sledding and many other aspects of Russian Culture. An experience like nowhere else!

New Year’s Trees

Monumental size trees are put up all over the city. You will find them near significant spots such as Red Square and Kremlin’s Cathedral Square.

There are great for photo opportunities during the day and for glaring at in the night as their lights shine bright.



New Year's Trees

Experience Moscow’s Vibrant Dining & Drinking Scene

Cafe Pushkin

Café Pushkin

For a special night out, tap into the historical decadence of Imperial Russia. This three-story eatery serves meals fit for a Tsar.

With each floor offering a different menu and an overall unique experience with different themes, the Pharmacy, the Library and the Fireplace Room all elegantly decorated. The regal treatment on par with the standard of culinary delights will have you feeling like royalty.

White Rabbit

Live a little and revel in the scenery. At this stylish rooftop location, you won't want to miss the panoramic breathtaking views of Moscow.

Accompanied by delicious yet refined modern interpretations of classic Russian dishes with an Alice in Wonderland theme you are living out a fantasy.

It’s worth mentioning that they held the No. 23 spot on the World’s 50 best restaurants list, another notch to the famous culinary talent, Chef Vladimir Mukhin.

White Rabbit
Mari Vanna

Mari Vanna

On the more casual side, this homely eatery exudes coziness so much so you feel like you’re at a dear friend’s house.

The service is impeccable with genuinely traditional Russian fare including many old favourites like warm stews, pies and dumplings that are perfect for the colder weather.

Bar Strelka

Located in the old chocolate factory the space has a hipster vibe surrounded by an eclectic network of clubs, bars, restaurants and galleries. It's the perfect spot if you’re looking for a night out with many options close by.

With a stylish interior and relaxed ambience by day, the bar transforms into a sophisticated club by night, with DJ sets and live jazz at the weekends.

Bar Strelka
Gallery Cafe

Gallery Café

Where Glamour, art and music come together attracting the most fashionable crowd.

Surround yourself with contemporary art, a sleek and stylish ambiance with top DJs playing and the patrons dancing the night away. Housed in a former 19th century mansion.


“Kruzhka” which means a mug is representative of the Russian beer hall institutions.

With simple yet tasty food, stop in for a casual bite and a full-flavoured thirst-quenching pint of Russia’s very own brew.


Your City for Entertainment & Culture


With over 70 theatres, a number of concert halls, and the highly esteemed opera and ballet companies, Moscow is considered one of the cultural entertainment capitals of the world.

Living up to being one of the world’s centre of opera and ballet, you will find many options available for enjoying an evening out full of culture.

Bolshoi theatre



The most famous theatre is the grand Bolshoi Theatre, rich in history and home to one of the most important ballet and opera companies in the world.



Another staple of the Russian ballet is the Stanislavsky Theater, here you can watch as timeless classic unfold in modern interpretations in unexpected ways.

Russian Ballet
State Kremlin Palace


The State Kremlin Palace is known for it’s grandiose architecture and plush interiors putting on more classic and prestigious concerts.

Practically everyday of the week there is an event, so find the one you like and book your visit here.

If you’re looking for something on the more modern side check out some of the most Popular Artists of our time perform live.

You can find some of the following upcoming concerts. Book a flight and catch a show!


Some upcoming artists:

Iggy Azalea · Elton John· Evanescence· Five Finger Death Punch · Depeche Mode · Sleeping With Sirens · Hollywood Undead · Stone Sour · Thirty Seconds to Mars · Toni Braxton · Tycho · Iggy Pop · Helloween · The Kooks · Infected Mushroom · Arch Enemy

Top 7 Cultural Reasons to Visit Moscow

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

Get inspired and enlightened under one roof. Located inside the famous Gorky Park, this museum is the most technologically advanced in Moscow and reflects current developments in Russian and international culture. It is a museum that not only presents but creates culture, an oasis for all of its visitors. Here you will find interactive exhibitions, workshop and installations that give you the opportunity to get involved and be part of the experience.

The Moscow Kremlin


On the UNESCO list of World Cultural and Natural Heritage this massive historical fortified complex houses 7 highly significant museums and historical sights of Russia. Including, the Armoury Chamber and the architectural ensemble of the Cathedral Square, consisting of the Assumption, Archangel and Annunciation cathedrals, the Church of Laying Our Lady's Holy Robe, the Patriarch's Palace with the Twelve Apostles' Church and the Ivan the Great Bell-Tower complex, as well as the exhibition halls in the Assumption Belfry and in the One-Pillar Chamber of the Patriarch’s Palace. You can spend hours upon hours and still have more left to see.

The Moscow Kremlin
The Armoury

The Armoury


Get a feel for the Russia’s storied past. A famous house of treasures, hosting a beloved collection of ancient Russian insignia, ceremonial garb worn by powerful tsar’s, gold and silverware created by Russian, European and Eastern masters, as well as arms and armours, royal carriages with ceremonial horse harnesses

Moscow Museum of Modern Art


Focusing exclusively on 20th and 21st century art, the museum’s five venues house a brilliant collection in Moscow’s historic center. For the most part, the exhibits are Russian artists, however, they also display works by renowned Western genius’s including pieces by Pablo Picasso, Fernand Léger, Joan Miró and Giorgio De Chirico are on view, along with sculptures by Salvador Dalí, Armand and Arnaldo Pomodoro, paintings by Henri Rousseau and Françoise Gilot, and installations by Yukinori Yanaga.

Moscow Museum of Modern Art
The State Tretyakov Gallery

The State Tretyakov Gallery


Join in the celebration of the Russian Art world at this fantastic gallery showcasing the national art of Russian masters. The museum pays homage and tells the story of the unique contribution to the cultural world that Russian artists imposed. Here you will find a rich collection with a large variety of presented works.

Kolomenskoye Historical and Architectural Museum and Reserve

If you love architecture and history, you must visit this site. It’s a very unique architectural complex and one of Moscow’s most well-known museums of significant historical value. The museum itself, has been expanded over the years to consist of three historical sites including:

  • The ancient royal country residence of Kolomenskoye that includes the Tsar’s Courtyard complex (notably, a UNESCO site – the unique tent-roof XVI century Church of the Ascension)

  • Early XIX century Nikolay Durasov’s manor house (Palace) in Liublino (historical, cultural and natural complex);

  • Authentic monuments of the Izmailovo royal country estate (XVII – XIX c.)


Space Museum or Museum of Cosmonautics


It is a well-known fact across the world that Russia was a pioneer in first space exploration. This is the only museum in Moscow that connects you to the history of the country’s space exploration, housing and presenting many material relics. Here you will witness some of the greatest contributions to the evolution of space going back to the first manned space flight, first space walks, Moon exploration programs a Solar system exploration programs and international space research programs.

Space Museum
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