All individuals and companies who have claims against Cobaltair Ltd are requested to submit full details with supporting evidence to the Liquidator by email to or by post to PO Box 23907, 1687 Nicosia, CYPRUS. Please note the following:

  1. Individuals who have purchased tickets by Credit/Debit Card:
    If tickets were purchased for flights with the Company that have not been used due to the cessation of flight operations with a credit or debit card (either online or through a travel agent), please refer directly to your bank. They should make a claim against the Company’s merchant service provider, Elavon, for the return of your funds.
  2. Individuals who have purchased tickets by cash from travel agents:
    Please contact your travel agent directly. They should lodge a claim against the Company for your unused flights.
  3. Travel agents:
    Please submit your claims along with all supporting documentation for review and reconciliation. Note that these claims should be ONLY FOR PAYMENTS MADE BY CASH. For credit card/debit card payments, the process should be followed as per point 1 above.
  4. Vendors making a claim for settlement for services provided/items purchased:
    Your claim will be reconciled to the company’s records and we will revert in due course with any comments thereon. Please provide us with your account statement if you have not yet provided.

Please bear in mind that we have received a large number of claims/enquiries so we kindly ask for your patience while we process them. Please also note that it will not be possible to make any payment to creditors until we have realized sufficient funds from the company’s assets and agreed all creditor claims. This process will take several months, especially since we expect some claims from and against the company may need to be settled in Court.

Certificate of Appointment of the Liquidator