Frankfurt is somewhat magical this time of year. There is something about the crisp cool weather, the smell of warm stews wafting through the air, and the people who are out and about enjoying good food and shopping. It gives you a sense of cosiness and that tingly feeling that Christmas is upon us.


Top things to do when you visit: 


  • Visit the Christmas Market
  • Shopping, Shopping, and More Shopping! 
  • Food & Drink: Indulge Like the Locals
Frankfurt winter
Frankfurt Christmas markets

Visit the Frankfurt Christmas Market

Located in the iconic Römerberg Square and one of the largest Christmas markets in all of Germany, this is a Christmas experience of a lifetime! 

At the market you will find festive decorations, stands full with interesting finds from local artisans and people enjoying the celebrations that take place this glorious time of year.  

The night sky is illuminated by the gigantic Christmas tree with it's countless lights and decorations. Warm up with Frankfurt’s signature hot apple wine, indulge in the famous 'frankfurter', and listen to the laughter and nearby chimes of the church bells. Now you feel Christmas in Frankfurt

Explore the Many Shopping Options

MyZeil Shopping Mall - Zeil Shopping Promenade - Skyline Plaza

For all your shopping needs, look no further than MyZeil Shopping Mall, Zeil shopping promenade and Skyline Plaza - Frankfurt’s most famous shopping places - here you will find the world’s top international brands.’


Must See:

The absolute highlight is the “Skyline Garden”, a unique oasis of green situated on the mall’s rooftop and featuring various facilities from restaurant to a fitness centre for all the family.

Frankfurt Shopping
frankfurt wine

Hot Apple Wine Warms the Soul


Frankfurt apple wine is known far and wide as the local’s beverage of choice. Known as "Apfelwein" "Ebbelwei", "Schoppe" or "Stöffche". It's specific to the region of Hesse, particularly Frankfurt, becoming popular in the 16th century. 

The delicious Wintertime version of Frankfurt apple wine is served piping hot with cinnamon sticks and cloves.

On a cold day, it is a must-try while walking around shopping and browsing the markets. Helps you keep warm and drink like the locals! 

Hungry? Frankfurt's Must-Try Dishes


An iconic food staple of the city is the "Frankfurter Wuerstchen", as Germans call them, which are are extra long and tasty sausages, lightly smoked and made from pork. This delicious and filling traditional food in the region is typically served with a Broetchen (bread roll), classic yellow mustard, horseradish or Sauerkraut and sometimes with potato salad.

Another local dish is the Rippchen, cooked pork served with Sauerkraut or Schweinshaxe, (pig knuckles) that are weighed on the spot and served with mashed potatoes and Sauerkraut.

Both go down beautifully with a nice cold German beer!


Frankfurt sausage
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