Cobalt is happy to provide all necessary services to ensure that passengers with special needs enjoy a comfortable flight and safe embarkation and disembarkation.

Special assistance is available for BLIND, DEAF or ELDERLY passengers at check-in and during the boarding and deplaning process.

WHEELCHAIRS are provided and own wheelchairs are carried free of charge.

Assistance should be requested at the time of your booking to enable us to make all necessary arrangements.

Please let us know what level of mobility assistance you need at the time of your booking. There are three types of wheelchair assistance:

  • Wheelchair is required to cover the distance to/from the aircraft, or lounge but can ascend and descend steps
  • Wheelchair is required to cover the distance to/from the aircraft or lounge as well as carried up/down the steps
  • Wheelchair is required to/from the transport and the customer must be carried up/down and to/from the seat

When you are traveling with your own wheelchair, we need the following information:

  • Whether manual or battery operated (wet or dry battery)
  • Dimensions
  • Number of batteries installed
  • Collapsible or non-collapsible wheelchair

Please inform us if you need any assistance for an announcement on the ground and on board

Please inform us if you are blind and need assistance or if you are traveling with accompanied seeing-eye dog.

Assistance can be provided for elderly people and if you are traveling alone.