Head of Cargo and Ramp handling

REF: VGOP002: Head of Cargo and Ramp handling


We are currently recruiting a “Head of Cargo and Ramp handling” to join the Ground Op’s department. The position is permanent and will report to the Director of Ground Op’s.

Position Purpose: Ensure all aircraft movements, ramp handling. Loading/unloading or aircraft and cargo handling meet all Company & Governmental requirements and safety regulations and to achieve regulatory compliance and operational efficiency.

Job Responsibilities:
  • Responsible for the administration, control and efficient running of Cargo and Ramp handling at all stations.
  • Cooperate with Airport services and ground/cargo handling agents to ensure efficient provision of services in order to achieve maximum carriage of cargo while maintaining punctuality of flights.
  • Maintains constant contact and communication with various organizations and institutions such as Department of Civil Aviation, Airport Authorities, Customs Administration, Health and Vet Authorities to promote cooperation and exchange information for the benefit of the Department.
  • Proposes plans and programs that strive to develop the cargo services.
  • Prepares periodic reports with respect to the activities and performance of both Cargo and Ramp Operations
  • Reviews reports on cargo and baggage discrepancies and/or unclaimed cargo/baggage in cooperation with the respective sections of the ground handler.
  • Prepares and reviews reports on accidents and incidents relevant to Cargo and Ramp Operations.
  • Cooperate with all sections and outstations to investigate various discrepancies including Dangerous Goods
  • Conducts periodic meetings with subordinates and with the DGO to keep close contact with Department’s activities and daily problems.
  • Receives and study daily reports prepared by the Ground Handler in relation to daily activities and take appropriate action.
  • Deal with customers and offer them needed services.
  • Receive cargo agents’ comments and inquiries.
  • Reply to customer inquiries and deal with related problems and/or complains.
  • Cooperate with organizations and institutions, such as Customs Authorities, Postal Services, Civil Aviation and others, for the efficient and effective performance of the section.
  • Track and trace lost, misrouted or mishandled cargo through the Ground Handler
  • Investigate damaged shipment cases and identify the place and the circumstances under which the damage occurred.
  • Investigate causes of violations that lead to mishandling of cargo and suggest corrective and preventive measures eliminate repetition of mistakes and/or shortcomings.
  • Prepare monthly statistics regarding cargo movements.
  • Maintain a record of all cargo discrepancies.
  • Ensures all IATA Cargo manuals and other publications are available and updated and are accessible.
  • Ensure the serviceability of all equipment, vehicles, and forklifts through periodic checks in liaising with the Ground Handler.
  • Performs local and outstation audits.
  • Accepts all audits relevant to his/her duties (From Local Authorities, IOSA, EC security etc).
  • Evaluates Cargo Handling Agreements and pursuits, new customers.
  • Performs any other duties related to his/her job as assigned to him/her by the Director of Ground Operations
The ideal candidate will have:
  • University Degree preferably in Air Transport or minimum 5 years in a similar capacity with airline, ground or cargo handling agent.
  • Dangerous Goods qualification CAT 6 will be considered an advantage.
  • Strong leadership, administrative and organizing abilities.
  • Excellent computer skills.
  • Excellent communication skills in written and spoken English.
  • Strong personality, high-level analytical skills, initiative, sound judgment, and self-motivation.


An attractive package plus other benefits will be offered to the successful candidate.

If you meet all the above requirements and are interested in this position, please forward us your CV to careers@cobalt.aero stating above Ref. in subject before the 5th of May 2017.


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