We have suspended our current operations to and from Tehran temporarily due to unforeseen air traffic control clearance problems encountered during the first scheduled flights.  We are investigating this and seek to resolve the issues as soon as possible.  For now we believe that it is in our passengers’ best interests to suspend the route until all of the outstanding points have been resolved.  We are fully committed to working in cooperation with all concerned authorities, and will operate this route again as soon as possible.






Instructions for passengers with outstanding reservations on our Larnaca - Tehran Larnaca route 


For customers booked specifically on the July 27th service from Larnaca to Tehran who departed Tehran on our July 20th service, we will contact you shortly to arrange alternative flights back to Tehran at no additional cost to you. 


For all other passengers with a current reservation on this route, please see below:

If you made your booking from Iran

Please contact our General Sales Agent [details here] with your reservation details for a full refund.


If you made your booking from Cyprus or outside of Iran

Please contact our customer services team on [details here] with your reservation details for a full refund